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Contrast Asset Management was specifically created for Canadian investors, providing them the opportunity to invest in lucrative real estate deals in the U.S. Our managed products focus on multi-family, workforce assets, located in secondary and tertiary markets in mid-western U.S. Once a property is acquired, we deploy our property management team to work on-site to stabilize and optimize the property into a profitable cash-flowing investment. We target a 7% yearly distribution, with a net annualized return of 15%-20%*. 

* Distribution and terms are not guaranteed.

Multi-family properties in secondary and tertiary U.S. markets
Target total net 15%-20% annualized return, including a 7% annual distribution, paid monthly
REIT Investors are not required to file annual U.S. tax returns
Strong recession proof class of properties
Buy and hold strategy for the long term

We don't speculate on Real Estate.

We expect to drive operational profit, yield, and future value through superior residential services, and a focused approach to on-site property management. 

Target Net Annualized Return

Investment Philosophy

Our unique investment approach



We target undervalued, poorly managed, and undercapitalized properties, crafting unique financing solutions to meet both sellers' and lenders' requirements. Post-stabilization, our aim is for properties to yield 7-8% annual distributions from profits, with refinancing pursued for better terms. Long-term, we focus on optimizing properties to enhance their valuation.



The key to maximizing investor returns hinges on effective property management, ensuring a clean, safe, and affordable living environment. This involves careful budgeting and capital expenditure allocation to stabilize and optimize the property. We prioritize understanding residents as our clients, engaging in community involvement to enhance quality of life. Our focus remains on bolstering net operating cash flow for sustained profitability.



Our strategy prioritizes capital preservation and tax efficiency, minimizing tax liabilities while ensuring a smooth flow-through of income. By focusing on U.S.-derived income, investors avoid the need to file U.S. taxes. We mitigate risk by pooling properties into a portfolio, with each property legally isolated to shield against individual liabilities. Additionally, our emphasis on U.S. dollar domination eliminates currency fluctuation concerns, providing stability for investors.

Investment strategy

Where others see challenges, we see opportunity

Our Approach

We acquire and manage assets, such as Green Thumb REIT, which many other managers ignore. Our target properties are expected to be challenging because of low occupancy, deferred maintenance issues and overall poor management. These characteristics enable us to acquire properties at attractive valuations, and quickly turn them into profitable, cash flowing assets. 

Our property management team will focus on delivering outstanding service, maintenance and repairs for our residents, which we expect will lead to increased operational profits. 

“We take care of the residents, the residents help care for the asset, the asset takes care of our investors.”

What sets our products apart from the crowd

US vs Canada

Assets will be acquired in secondary and tertiary markets throughout midwestern U.S, where we believe, property values are more attractive than Canadian comparables. These properties tend to have strong potential for positive cashflow and can be quickly stabilized and optimized* through our experienced property management team. While capital growth is important, we prioritize positive cash flow.

*Find out how we stabilize and optimize. Click here.

Attractively priced, under performing assets
Properties are often ignored by other REITs
Regions with limited or no rent control
Larger pool of available acquisitions
No requirement to file annual U.S. tax return

Workforce Housing

The properties we target to acquire are located near employment hubs for blue-collar, hardworking people. Residents will usually spend a sizeable portion of their income on rent. During recessionary times, these properties become even more attractive to renters seeking safe, clean, and affordable housing.

Recession resistant
Safe, clean, affordable housing
Located near blue-collar employment hubs
B & C-Class properties in secondary and tertiary markets

Residents First

We believe that by prioritizing residents needs and by working closely with the community, it can improve their quality of life. Treating residents with dignity and respect is not only the right thing to do, it can increase the return on investment by substantially reducing operating costs.

Loyal, long-term residents
Fewer rent delinquencies
Supports the well-being of the community
Lower turnover rates
Improved operating costs
Increased quality of life

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