Where others see challenges, we see opportunity.

Contrast Asset Management is the manager of Green Thumb REIT a private real estate investment trust available to Canadian investors. We acquire multi-family workforce assets strategically located in secondary and tertiary markets in midwestern U.S. We work closely with sellers applying flexible and innovative solutions to meet their needs while creating the best returns for our investors. 

We believe changes in the Canadian real estate market over the past few years have made it more difficult to find attractive valuations and returns. Navigating the complexities of cross-border U.S. real estate ownership and management can be a significant barrier for most Canadian investors. 

Our mission is to provide Canadians the opportunity to benefit from the valuations and returns available in the U.S. real estate market. Our goal is to maximize property cash flow and valuation overtime.


Green Thumb REIT Strategy

Green Thumb REIT, managed by Contrast Asset Management is relentless in it’s pursuit of stabilizing and then optimizing each property. Green Thumb REIT deploys their own property management team to work on-site and closely with residents, the community, and social support services. Addressing deferred maintenance issues, safety, cleanliness, and affordability, which can result in higher occupancy rates, increased rental rates, lower operating costs and property appreciation. 

The strategy puts an emphasis on building communities, fostering long-term stability, and creating places that residents are proud to call home.

Cash flow focused

Once Green Thumb REIT closes on a property, the focus turns to stabilizing and optimizing operating cash flow. This includes resolving rent delinquencies, offering short-term payment solutions, such as our unique rent-payment program, and actively marketing vacant units. Being in markets that are landlord-friendly allows us to evict residents quickly, if necessary.

Once cash flow is stabilized, the management team will begin to optimize the property. We achieve this by quickly rehabilitating any down units, making energy-efficient upgrades (appliances, lighting, water), and introducing energy and water monitoring systems, to further increase operating profits.


We are aligned with investors

REIT gains from a property sale or refinancing are split equally between the manager and the unitholders.

What you can expect as an Investor?



Earn regular monthly income and capital growth* from a pool of U.S. multi-family residential properties, without having to file an annual U.S. tax return.


Monthly income & growth

We target a net annualized return (income + growth) of 15%-20%


Investor services

We provide quarterly video updates and annual audited financial reports. For any account updates or inquiries, please speak with our Investor Services team.


Peace of mind

Enjoy the benefits of stable monthly income and capital growth* from a disciplined and experienced management team.

Feel great about improving the lives of residents and their communities.

Investor advantages

With regular monthly distributions*, investors will appreciate the cash flow and no yearly requirement to file a U.S. tax return.

Target net annualized return 15%-20%
Passive monthly income, 7% target annual yield
Eligible for registered plans (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, LIRA)
Diversification from daily stock market volatility
Recession resistant investment strategy
Investment backed by U.S. real estate
Experienced management team**
Proprietary on-site property management team
Expected, audited annual financial statements, timely property updates and communication

Mitigating Risk


Interest rate volatility

Interest rate volatility provides an opportunity to purchase assets as property owners feel financial pressure to sell. When interest rates decline, we refinance at lower rates.


Economic volatility

Safe, clean, and affordable rental housing is always in demand, especially during recessions. We target rental properties that qualify for social safety nets and community support.


Spending wisely

We will avoid large scale, costly property improvements and repairs. We aim to quickly stabilize and optimize the property, allowing us to refinance with long-term lower cost financing.


Maximize results

Our property specific management team will provide an exceptional level of on-site customer service for our residents. When the residents are being taken care of, they take care of the property, reducing operating expenses.

Respect & dignity is profitable

"We believe that treating residents with respect and dignity, creates loyalty and trust. We provide residents with a safe, clean, and affordable home, creating a foundation where families can flourish and grow."

Your investment improves the quality of life for residents

Residents are our most valuable customer. When residents needs are met, occupancy remains high, rents are paid on time, maintenance and repair costs decline and cashflow from operations significantly improve.

How we can add value

Provide common-area amenities with computers to connect socially and support continued education
Run community driven sports classes and training for youth, led by local sport and fitness experts, contributing to overall health and well-being
Work with local election officials to have on-site voting stations in our property common areas
Partner with community health providers to assist residents with health education and resources
Strengthen the community by supporting and/or hosting appreciations days for veterans, civil servants, fire & police, volunteers, moms and dads
Organize and fund neighborhood clean-up days followed by a free BBQ on the property

How to invest

Please enter your details below for more information and take advantage of this exclusive investment opportunity with Contrast Asset Management, manager of Green Thumb REIT. You will be contacted by Janet Rodrigues, a licensed dealing representative with Belco Private Capital Inc.

Green Thumb REIT is an exempt market security and may only be offered through registered exempt market dealers. Green Thumb REIT has retained Belco Private Capital Inc. to act as its exempt market dealer.

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