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We’re happy to launch our Investor Portal. You can login to your Account now by clicking here, or by clicking the button below the video.

This video will walk you through the steps of registering and signing into your secure Investor Portal Account. You’ll also learn how to navigate the portal, view your account summary, individual plan details, transaction history, and how to download important documents.

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Below are definitions of key terms used in the Portal.

For account related changes or questions, please contact Janet from Investor Services at:
(416) 800-0344 or janet.rodrigues@contrastmgmt.com


Key Terms

Market Value

The market value, expressed in USD, represents the number of units you own multiplied by the net asset value (NAV). It shows the total value of your investment(s) in real time.

NAV (Net Asset Value)

NAV represents the per-share or per-unit value of an investment fund’s assets minus its liabilities.

Total Units

This term represents the total number of units that you hold.

Total Contributions

Total contributions refer to the sum of all the investments made by you into your account, including initial and any additional contributions.

Total Distributions

Total distributions are payments made from the investment to you on a regular basis. Our distributions are paid either monthly or quarterly, depending on whether you are in the DRIP plan. Distributions can be in the form of cash or reinvested to purchase additional units.

Total Redemption

This refers to the amount of money withdrawn by redeeming units.


These are the investment plans that you’re currently holding, including the various account types such as RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, RRIF, or Non-Registered (Cash/Open) in Green Thumb REIT, Contrast REIT, Green Thumb Holding LP, or Contrast Holding LP.

Transaction Type

This refers to the kind of transaction that has been executed in your investment account. Common transaction types include contributions, distributions, and redemptions.

Investment Entity

This is the account name under which your investment is held. An investment entity can be an individual, a corporation, a partnership, a trust, or any other legal structure.