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As a leading investor, educator and advisor in real estate investing, Rae Ostrander.

As a leading investor, educator and advisor in real estate investing, Rae Ostrander, has dedicated over two decades to mastering the art of identifying, managing, and optimizing multifamily residential properties in Canada and the U.S. Rae’s unwavering commitment to active and progressive engagement with residents, community, and local government agencies has transformed the quality of life for residents, while delivering significant income distribution and property appreciation for investors.

Rae’s successful framework and strong beliefs in real estate investing have attracted investors who are passionate about participating in his success story. To support the growing property portfolio, GreenThumb REIT was born, providing a cost and tax-efficient investment vehicle for investors. Like a skilled gardener who nurtures crops to maximize yields, GreenThumb REIT’s primary objective is to maximize monthly income for investors once the property is optimized, not just return of capital.

Rae has taken a page out of Warren Buffett’s playbook by applying his principles to real estate investing. He firmly believes in “Don’t lose your money,” “Purchase with a margin of safety,” “Go where the crowds aren’t,” and “Stick to your knitting.” These philosophies are deeply rooted in GreenThumb REIT’s strategy, providing investors with a simple yet effective way to invest in real estate. While investing is not easy, GreenThumb investors can rest assured that Rae and his team manage the REIT’s properties with discipline, patience, and resourcefulness to deliver consistent cash flow and gains. GreenThumb REIT is more than just investing in real estate; it’s about being part of a community that is committed to adding value and improving the lives of its residents. Rae’s vision and dedication motivate investors to be part of the journey and benefit from smart and strategic real estate investments.